27 June 2011


Obelinux is a portmanteau of two rather guessable words, in fact the second word is already evident. 'Obelix' and 'Linux'. For me, Obelinux is a long forgotten self proclaimed nick name of a very dear friend, who surprised me by sending a mail after like a decade. This mail was to inquire about the progress of my book. Although I had nothing positive to share, it still made me very happy. This post, then, is dedicated to the one and only Obelinux.

Where am I stuck with the book? - Darn. I set myself a rather economical target of completing 5 stories in 2011. This was a sub point in my 2011 resolutions. Against this lilliputian objective my gargantuan efforts have yielded 2 complete stories. Pathetic. But this post is not to dissect the root causes of poor productivity in my writing, but to ruminate over an alternative course of action. Public opinion (read encouragement) is always a key determinant of my go-no go, so your comments (hope you have read the parenthesis afore) all welcome. Ok ok I admit I have stretched the usage of 'public' a tad too far, given my readership is only 10 odd ha ha.

What's the alternate course I am considering? - How about trying to write a full fledged novel instead? If I am struggling with writing those oh-so-unique short stories, would it work if I eliminate all this hassle by building just one expansive plot and then just write, write till the words swell into a volume worthy of a paperback. Seems plausible to me, all the more because I already have a plot in mind, just the detailing, sub plotting and spicing is required.

What is the plot about? - Unfortunately, there is only one direction that my mind works. I have come to believe that it is more of a incapabiltiy issue rather than lack of interest behind my sticking to the genre of the supernatural. I simply cannot write thrillers or anything else. Sad that makes me feel. But hark hark, there is one more genre which I absolutely loved while growing up which happens to be whodunnit murder mysteries a la the incomparable Dame Agatha Christie. So my novel will be a murder mystery stitched with the elements from the supernatural world. A supernatural crime fiction, how does that sound. Did someone say empty vessels make the most noises? Or was that proof of the pudding lies in its eating?

Bloody I write one story in 3 months, how will I ever write a novel? - Good question. (You see, I am in a alter ego mode right now). When someone says good question, it only means the answer is not obvious. In this case, it is also not forthcoming to me. But I have a hope that it may just work out. The assessment of my writing outputs reveals to me that, unlike other fellas around, I rarely ever leave a started story unfinished. I am a good finisher. The area where my chief struggles lie are in creatively thinking and executing stories under the preamble 'No two stories should be alike'. This SWOT analysis gives me confidence that maybe once I begin the end will come, later rather than sooner!

Still thinking... but one thing is certain. If I ever get around to writing this, the protagonist will be loosely modeled around the inspiration for all this - Obelinux!

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Blogger Radha kuchh to bolti...

Focus!! Sit at your writing desk & focus!
A supernatural crime fiction sounds perfect for your writing style!!

7:49 AM  
Blogger 666 kuchh to bolti...

Thanks Radha for the encouraging words. I have begun the groundwork. Planning to write a post in some time when the 'problem statement' is clear:-)

7:56 AM  
Blogger yogsma kuchh to bolti...

You can surely write, man. I have two stories written in last 6 months, one of them is my last 15 years work though. Considering how much I really write, you can surely do better job than me any moment of time. And if I am not wrong Obelinux is Rahul.

10:02 PM  

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