31 December 2010

2010 Review and 2011 Plan

Only a few earth hours are left for our planet to complete its 2010th revolution around its sun, since the great lord was crucified. Celestially opportune moment for me to sit back and retrospect.

The year 2010 has been very positive in all departments. This blog has faithfully mirrored most of the important happenings in the year bygone. Just reading through the posts, I am reminded of the higher highs and odd lows of the year. Here are the highlights classified into The Peaks - moments of high achievement which brought great pleasure; The Plateaus - moments of no achievement no failure; The Troughs - moments of distress, pain and failure.

The Peaks
1. Travelled to two new international destinations - China & Hong Kong
2. My birthday gift to myself
3. Rejuvenation and intensification of the lost F1 fanhood
4. Good investment in real estate
5. Travelled to two new domestic locations - Pondicherry & Wayanad
6. Professional stability
7. Skilled driver in all conditions now with over 4000 kms of driving experience
8. Insured my life

The Plateaus
1. Underperformance in the stock market
2. Financial crunch
3. Poor social life

The Troughs
1. Tragic demise of my childhood friend
2. Only 2 stories completed

All in all, since the peaks are more than the plateaus and troughs combined, I would shut the 2010 chapter happily. It was a great year. But now, its history and a new year stands at the altar. I do have a couple of resolutions, which I would love to revist after one year. They are...
1. Learn Kannada. I believe there are four steps of learning a new language. These are speaking, understanding, reading and writing. My goal is to learn reading written Kannada.
2. Complete 5 stories. This area has been my nemesis, just cant write. The ideas are there, the plots are ready, the time is there, the urge is there, but the invisible force which creates words in a writers mind has gone missing. I hope to trace it inside me in 2011
3. Trading success. I have laid a annual target of earning Rs 72,000 on a float capital commitment of Rs 1,00,000.
4. See the inaugural Indian Grand Prix in Delhi.

So we shall see. All those blessed and cursed souls who often wander over to these parts of the cyber universe, me and my beloved blog wish you a happy, disease free, tragedy free and exceedingly enriching 2011. In the closing moments of 2010, I will leave you all with my dead friend's signature which he used to write in his emails.

"Life Is A Smile Of Tragedies.. Enjoy It"



Blogger Radha kuchh to bolti...

Happy new year!!!
Looking fwd to the 5 stories!

7:47 AM  
Blogger Moi kuchh to bolti...

any progress on those 5 stories???
and i am sorry to read about your friend.......we lost a very close one in 2008......it's so hard to accept it.....even now when we speak of him, we use is instead of was....we just cant get ourselves to.

10:08 PM  

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