12 June 2007

Kiran and Kanishka - Part III

Please read Part I, Part II for a quick recap

“Where?” asked Kanishka.

“To my house in Kharagpur, please beta its very important, I have to show you something. Its ..its.. necessary for you to see. Please come with me” the old woman beseeched. Kanishka couldn’t help noticing the earnestness with which the word ‘necessary’ came out from her mouth.

So under the most strangest and inexplicable of circumstances Kanishka found herself seated in a white ambassador with her old escort, en route to the latter’s house. She didn’t feel afraid, the deep sense of having known this woman before had now acquired a shade of trust. For the entire journey the two women didn’t speak a word, both staring blankly outside the smudged glass windows.

After an hour long ride, Kanishka found herself inside a century old bungalow, reminiscent of the Raj days. After the servants had left, the old woman disappeared in one of the rooms and came out with a box covered with dust, cobwebs and decorated with insect droppings. She pulled a chair and sat down, both women facing each other.

“Aren’t you Kanishka, my son Kiran’s best friend?”, the old woman said without looking at Kanishka, her eyes now fighting to hold back the fast accumulating fluid.

The old lady’s words had a near paralyzing affect on Kanishka. Her mouth fell open and she gasped for breath as the words Aun.. aun.. aunty stumbled out. “Yes I am! Aap kaisi ho aunty and how did you recognize me after so many years?” Kanishka screamed with ecstasy. The old woman gathered her emotions and opened the box in her lap, took out a yellow photograph and handed it to Kanishka. Kanishka’s jaw dropped. She gasped, ‘The photograph!’

“This photograph is evil beta”, said the old woman, “You won’t believe me but .. well.. if you remember it was taken years ago at some fancy dress competition when you and Kiran were kids at school. Ever since we left Jamshedpur, a most unbelievable thing has happened. I .. really cant make you believe it, but you have been growing in the photo since the last 25 odd years. As you can now see, Kiran is still a 12 year old boy but you are as you look today. When I saw you in the train, I recognized you. This is why I brought you here. Thanks for coming Kannu beta.. I feel much lighter now..

to be continued...


Blogger Jas Bhambra kuchh to bolti...

Not in my wildest dremas I'd expected it this way. Very interesting indeed, 666. Ican't wait to see how the story wraps up.

And thanX for adding the "to be continued". :)

10:42 PM  
Blogger Moi kuchh to bolti...

haha.....the first thing i checked was does it have a "to be continued"..u know what they say about first things first!!!! :)

and wow!!! i did think the old lady was kiran's mommy but the photo part.....as jas says i cudn't have expected it at all...tho' am going on a chutku vacation soon..i think i'll just take a li'l break somehow to see how it goes further....

and i like ur concern with details..if it's Kharagpur and a colonial bungalow then the vehicle will be Ambassador ...

11:05 PM  
Blogger Moi kuchh to bolti...

Devil's in details???? ;)

and where is the real life Kannu ...he's too miffed to come back and comment :)))

11:07 PM  
Blogger Kanishka Agiwal kuchh to bolti...

Bloody joker!!! How many parts are you running this into?? And how does it become beta instead of beti? And how can you use 25 odd years..25 is complete in its true sense already. Odd is jarring.

I wish I could come to Dxb..you will sure feel a lot lighter. Btw, might be in Dxb in August. If you bring a decent ending to this I will call you.

Bloody Teen Chakke!!!

11:36 PM  
Blogger yogsma kuchh to bolti...

outstanding!! Keep writing and keep us guessing..Kiran's mom is seeing ghost of 12 year old Kiran..????

8:27 AM  
Blogger Radha kuchh to bolti...

Twist in the tale & how !!! :))

11:41 AM  
Blogger yogsma kuchh to bolti...

may be I tried a bollywoodish guess..it can be either Kiran's mom or Kanishka is ghost..

6:28 PM  
Blogger Radha kuchh to bolti...

I think Kanishka is a ghost... stuck between life & after-life...and nobody but Kiran's mom can see her...

8:15 AM  
Blogger suramya kuchh to bolti...

is kiran trapped in the photograph cause of some spell cast by kanishka??? thats my speculation based on the turn of events

10:33 PM  

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