31 December 2011

2011 Review and 2012 Plan

Refer this: 2010 Review and 2011 Plan

First things first, let me review the 2011 plan, how much did I manage to achieve
1. Learn Kannada: Abandoned within two months due to lack of motivation
2. Complete 5 stories: Managed to do only 2. Hey! Atleast it’s not a duck!
3. Trading Success: A thorough, complete, unambiguous disaster.
4. Watch the Indian Grand Prix: Cancelled due to multiple reasons

The above, seen in isolation, would mean red marks crawling all over my 2011 report card. But as they say don’t judge a book by its cover, it would be worthwhile to read on the full 2011 review below, as last time, classified into The Peaks - moments of high achievement which brought great pleasure; The Plateaus - moments of no achievement no failure; The Troughs - moments of distress, pain and failure.

The Peaks
1. Remuneration finally decided to move north
2. Spotted a leopard in Bhadra
3. Travelled to a new international destination Langkawi, Malaysia
4. Travelled to 4 new domestic locations – Bandipur, Bhadra, Hyderabad and Tulunadu (Mangalore, Udupi)
5. Watched Metallica live
6. Adopted Twitter in daily life’s routine
7. Made a second big ticket real estate investment

The Plateaus
1. Professional growth
2. XYZ (personal stuff beyond the purview of publishing on this blog)
3. Completed only 2 stories
4. Last year’s real estate buy turned an earning asset

The Troughs

2011 was undoubtedly the annus mirabilis of my life yet. No trough is really dream stuff. Haven’t had such sunny and balmy phase ever. But that old stock market adage looms ominously in front of me – what goes up, comes down. Hope 2012 proves otherwise. Here are my plans for 2012

1. Learn Mandarin: Sounds childish, my romances with languages never last even one full season. This time, it is different. More on this later
2. Get a promotion: yada yada yada…
3. Initiate my culinary independence: 30 years have gone by and I still rely on food not cooked by me. Hope to take some definitive, if not exhaustive steps in this uncharted, and hated direction
4. Read 5 books on Indian political, constitutional or regional history
5. Deftly manage the colossal debt I have acquired: With two home loans, the need for fiscal prudence is at its greatest. Plan is to rationalize expenses in order to boost the bottom line. Pretty important stuff, probably the single most crucial determinant of 2012 success.
6. Write 2 stories: A very modest, achievable target which I would be furious to miss
7. 24 blog posts in 2012: This is just to force some more discipline into my writing.



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